One Punch Algo Auto Trade Bot for Cryptocurrencies – Kangaroo

$99.99 / 30 days

This Auto Trade Bot Name is “One Punch Algo Kangaroo“. Autobot try to stay away from big ups and down and always try to use support and resistance stages. If a crypto drop, it will auto calibrate to the dropped support and resistance levels. Even if it needed to do this by losing a trade it will do that and adjust for the price range.

  • Autobot Use a Risk Management Stop Loss of: 10%-30% Depending on the Setup you pick
  • Autobot Pick the best Crypto of the week out of 20 cryptos
  • Autobot Trades 24/7 Crypto
  • Promotion Price $49.99/m till May 15th, after that $99.99/m
  • Limited License Available


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We have 3 setups for the Kangaroo Autobot.

One Punch Algo Kangaroo The Auto Trading Bot for Crypto

Scalping Kangaroo trading strategy 

  • Which is low risk
  • Low Rewarding, Scalp 0.1%-0.2% per trade.
  • If a crypto crash, there is a preset stop loss at -30%
  • Long Term Compounding Strategy
  • 5-10% profitability per month


Moderate Kangaroo Strategy

  • Moderate Risk
  • 10-20% profitability per month
  • If a crypto crash, there is a preset stop loss of 10%
  • Compounding Strategy or users can set aside profit gain

Aggressive Kangaroo Strategy

  • High Risk
  • 20-50% profitability per month
  • If a crypto crash, there is a preset stop loss of 10%
  • Compounding Strategy, users can set aside profit gain or can be set up to use 50% of the account equity at a trade (Which reduce profit margins)

User only need to setup the broker API with OnePunch Algo Secure Server. Rest will be taken care by the Auto Bot.

How To Get Started

  1. Get a One Punch Algo Kangaroo License first
  2. Will reach out to you with the setup you want to have
  3. Will connect the api’s
  4. Sit back and collect the profit


User Agreement: You agreed to these terms when you purchase the auto trading bot “One Punch Algo Kangaroo”.

Agreement: All trading strategies are used at your own risk. And OnePunch Algo Developer, OnePunch ALGO Youtuber, Web Market Florida, LLC, or the channel does NOT take any responsibility for your losses using any of the advice or suggestions or strategies or auto trades from trading bots are shown/said/indicated/signaled/auto traded  in any of OnePunch ALGO Youtuber, OnePunch Algo Software, OnePunch Algo Plugin, OnePunch Algo Website, OnePunch Algo Articles, One Punch Algo Kangaroo auto trading bot or the channel videos.


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